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Our Team

Prerana Talwar

NIFT (Gandhinagar)

Vandana Talwar

Eco(H), MBA

Sudha Talwar



We work on reviving and sustaining Indian crafts so our way of life reflects the culture we inherited.

At Prevasu we keep traditions alive as we progress towards the future and our designs reflect the same, a perfect blend of age-old techniques and modern designs and silhouettes.

Colours and vibrancy are a part of the Indian cultural heritage and we embrace it in our sartorial design philosophy.

We strongly feel that our motivation stems from a deep respect and appreciation of Indian heritage and the desire to increase its visibility across the world.

Our aim is to touch and improve the lives of India’s talented artisans; in a world obsessed with technology create human value chain and connectivity across time and places and nurture an ecosystem of art, commerce and socially responsible work.

Our growing and loyal customer base encourages us in these efforts with their support and appreciation; we are ever grateful to them.